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A vision without a plan is just a dream.  A plan without a vision is just drudgery. 
But a vision with a plan can change the world.
Old proverb

Are you a creative professional who:

* feels stuck or unclear, either on a specific project or your whole creative life?
* has too many ideas and don’t know how/if to follow them all?
* has one great idea and don’t know how to more forward with it?

You know what it is like when you have loads of ideas shooting off like fireworks?  Or it could be that you need help to find the spark.  Whether you want to focus on one creative practice or be fulfilled across many areas, my job is to help you "light the blue touch paper".  Together we can turn your vision into reality, catch your fireworks and bring them back to earth, whilst retaining their colour, sparkle, excitement and dazzle, before they disappear into nothingness or nosedive to earth and get trampled in a muddy puddle.  

My clients are creatives like you: artists, dancers, musicians, filmmakers, writers and designers, at all career stages.   Like them, you feel there is something which needs to change and through coaching, you can get:

CLARITY a clear vision of what you want to achieve

PERSPECTIVE - an outside view to help put things in context

SUPPORTsomeone on your side, to keep you accountable as you take action

I listen, ask questions and create space for you to think and imagine.  This results in breaking through blocks, developing visions into viable plans, getting them into action, overcoming fears and frustrations, fulfilling potential and enhancing creative freedom.  Coaching doesn’t necessarily show you anything new – usually we know what we need to do.  However, coaching often gives you a very different outlook to see the world and yourself differently.  Check out my Coaching Packagesread Case Studies about results my clients have achieved or check out Frequently Asked Questions.

What is the most important thing you got out of the sessions?
"verbalising the jumble in my head and talking through options and ideas and 
having a sounding/advice board, another way to look at a situation 
and a way to positively clarify my thoughts"


I support Arts Emergency and invite you to join me. It is a charity which believes that an Arts Degree is NOT a luxury and runs mentoring, networking & speaker events for state schools.