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This is not a film about tango
Catching Fireworks creative coach, Deborah Henry-Pollard, uses her own creative practice, dancing the Argentinian Tango, to illustrate how she perceives the process of coaching.
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A vision without a plan is just a dream.  A plan without a vision is just drudgery. 
But a vision with a plan can change the world.
Old proverb

Do you want to find your creative vision?

Do you already have a vision, 
but are frustrated because the ideas keep shooting off like fireworks never to be seen again?
Do you have a variety of interests, but feel overwhelmed about how to pursue them all?
Whether you want to focus on one creative practice or be fulfilled across many areas, 
as a Creative Coach, I can help as you turn your vision into reality, catching your fireworks 
and bringing them back to earth, whilst retaining their colour, sparkle, excitement and dazzle.

What is the most important thing you got out of the sessions?
"verbalising the jumble in my head and talking through options and ideas
and having a sounding/advice board, another way to look at a situation
and a way to positively clarify my thoughts"

"Finding out the creative thing that I really want to do i.e. writing 
and giving myself permission to go for it."

Watch my video on why you need a vision 
and read about how my tango film went from vision to reality.
To find out more, contact me