Deborah Henry-Pollard headshot and portrait by Taragh Bissett on Catching Fireworks

Who I Am

"Just wanted to say thank you so much for being a fabulous coach and leaving me every time 
absolutely brimming with ideas, things that I know will come back to me in the days, weeks and years to come. 
Thank you for all your encouragement and probing but gently delivered questions!”

I am a creative coach, trained and accredited by Performance Coach Training Ltd and Relational Dynamics 1st.

As a teenager, I wanted to be an artist and took a one year Foundation Course in Art, specialising in graphic design. I soon discovered that although I wanted to be an artist, I didn't need to be one. 

I am passionate about the arts - I always say that most of what I know of life and the world comes from consuming the arts in some way, whether through books, films, art, music, theatre.  (See my blog on 'Why the Arts Matter To Me').  I use my skills to support creative people who make us see the world in another way. 

I have worked with creative individuals and organisations including English National Opera, Cameron Mackintosh, Siobhan Davies Dance, Society of West End Theatre, Chester Gateway Theatre, Oxford Concert Party, Chester Literature Festival, Studio Voltaire, Southwark Arts Forum. I have worked with small businesses to global charities, doing everything from selling tickets in a local box office to managing international conferences. I am currently a board member for ArtCan.

My way of working has always been to ask questions and help people find their own solutions.  This experience led me to set up Catching Fireworks® in January 2009 to coach creative people from all over the UK, Europe, USA and Asia. 

As well as my professional experience, I have also had my own coaching journey which changed my life and continues to this day.  I know what it is like to be stuck in what seemed to be a creative cul-de-sac and need the support of someone to help me see the way out.  (See the video at the top of the page.) 

I also understand the thrills and frustrations of the creative process. One day you are brimming with ideas and can barely keep up with yourself.  Then suddenly, you hit a moment where despite all skills and techniques, inspiration, like Elvis, has left the building.  As well as my writing, I dance the Argentine Tango, an improvised dance which enhances and contributes to my coaching style.  

If you are serious about making a change in your creative life, contact me for an exploratory conversation.

"Thank you, Debs - you have opened so many doors for me.