DEBORAH HENRY-POLLARD - Individual Coaching

Individual Coaching
"I am feeling very lucky, it is if you have rummaged in my head, re-ordered what 
you found and put down my vision in a very succinct and accessible way."

Who are you?
You are a creative professional at any stage of your career.

What do you want to work on?

  • finding your long term vision - create your big picture and identify the next small steps on the journey of transformation
  • taking a project from idea to action - you’ve got the brilliant idea, now plan how you can move it forward 
  • successfully managing multiple projects and ideas
  • overcoming the perceived blocks and getting unstuck
  • becoming more businesslike in your practice
  • working through the confusion, gain clarity to find out what you really want to do 
  • playing a bigger game, which you haven't had the courage to say it out loud... yet

What are the benefits of coaching for you?
Coaching is a partnership and what you get out of it will depend to a large degree on what you put in.  My clients have: written their debut novel; set 5 year creative practice goals (and achieved 80% of them within 2 years); created meaningful post-retirement careers; developed their hobby into a key income strand; turned small creative ideas into large scale projects; redesigned their creative businesses; changed careers.

What can you expect when working with me?
My role as your coach is facilitator, catalyst, motivator, cheer leader and accountability partner, committed to you and what you want to achieve. Coaching is an objective and non-directive process to help draw out your ideas and actions relevant to your situation.  (As Nancy Klein says in her book 'Time to Think', "Usually the brain that contains the problem also contains the solutions - often the best one."). You will get: 

  • to work with someone who is committed to your creativity and success
  • time to focus exclusively on your issues – you get 100% attention
  • time and space to think
  • ongoing accountability over a series of sessions to make sure that you stay on track and focussed
  • a focus on solutions and successes, not on problems
  • a feeling of being both supported and sometimes challenged
  • to retain control – putting your future back into your own hands
  • to invest in a support system.

(Still not sure what coaching is? Check out Coaching, Not Telling, or my other Coaching blogs or email me.)

How do we know if we are a good fit?
If you are serious about making a change in your life, click any of the BOOK APPOINTMENT buttons throughout the site to book for an exploratory conversation to find out more about coaching and if I am the right person for you. Coaching needs you to be willing to commit your time and energy to the process and take actions to fulfil your goals.  

What would you be signing up for?
If we both feel it is a good fit, we book in a first session to start to work on your challenges and goals. 

This session can be stand alone or the first of a 3 or 6 session coaching package, which you can decide at the end of this session.  At each subsequent session, we will review what has happened, how you want to move forward and agree your goals and actions to work on between sessions. Sessions are held in central London or via Skype.

This is not about paying for an hour of my time, but investing in a support system. You will get:
  • 60 minutes coaching via Skype / phone / face to face
  • pre-session preparation
  • post session follow up
  • where relevant, ‘homework’/exercises specific to your needs
  • between session support via email and when possible, phone 
  • access to my networks and making introductions, if I see potential links
  • where possible, passing on ideas/contacts/information if I spot something which I think might be relevant

I also offer a 3.5 hour intensive coaching session. This provides an opportunity for you to step back from the hurly burly of activity and give you some time to think. The agenda is designed to take you from the long term picture of what you want to achieve with your creative practice right down to the actions you will take in the next week. It looks at what you want to build on, what is stopping you and how you want to move forward. During the session, we capture your ideas so that you have the beginnings of a plan. Full details here

What do you do next?
Book an appointment with Catching Fireworks using SetMore
for an exploratory conversation. 

Have there been any tangible results which came out of the sessions?
"Definitely!  More clients direct from website therefore more income!"

"I'm now £3,000 up on this time last year!  Yipee!!  It's just over a year since we started our plan - 
it looks like it worked.......thank you so much - our sessions have really paid off!"

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