Deborah Henry-Pollard of Catching Fireworks working on Team Coaching with Saturday Matinee Company

Team Coaching 

"Thanks for everything you've done for SatMatCo this past year. You've been invaluable!"
Amy Enticknap, Producer, Saturday Matinee Company

Are you part of a small creative team:
  • at the beginning of your joint project?
  • having an 'AwayDay' to review ongoing progress?
  • looking to change the direction of your organisation?

Maybe your team wants to:
  • create alignment in goals/vision?
  • create a big picture of where it wants to go?
  • review how much is already in place and the full extent of skills/knowledge/contacts within the team?

If you said "yes" to any of these questions, my team coaching day is an opportunity to step back from the hurly burly of activity and focus on your long game. I work with partnerships, management teams, founders, boards of up to 6 people. 

How does Team Coaching work?
It is a workshop where you and your team, bringing all your knowledge, experience and ideas, can have open discussions and explore possibilities.  I guide you from the big picture of what you want to achieve with your organisation in the long term right down to the actions you will take in the next week.  

Working on the basis that you know your area best, your team provides the content, bringing all your knowledge, experience and ideas to the table.  I ask questions for clarification and to encourage open discussions, explore possibilities and encourage your own creative thinking about your situation. I provide the structure, as facilitator, sounding board, Devil's Advocate, cheer leader, giving you the time and space to think, dream and plan.  

Am I the same as a Business Consultant?
No. A consultant is an expert who will study a specific process or issue and learns how the relevant process is currently being handled.  They will develop recommendations to improve the process.  A coach is not an expert in the given area, as they believe that the organisation has the necessary knowledge and expertise.  The coach’s role is to facilitate a process that brings the organisational team together to develop and solve the issues.  This process has an intrinsic team building element and develops the ability of the team to solve issues long term.

Who comes to me for Team Coaching?
Small teams (2-6 people usually), working together to create and/or develop a joint artistic project.  This has included artistic teams, boards and collaborations of artists. 

How long does the Team Coaching last?
A Team Coaching session usually runs from 10.00am to 5.00pm.

Do all the participants in Team Coaching have to be working on the same project?
Yes - it is a day to pull everyone together to focus on one organisation or project.  The day can be run at the beginning of the project to design the future; as an 'awayday' to take stock and refocus; to ensure the project/organisation is on track.

Contact me to discuss your bespoke team coaching package. For these sessions, I will come to your chosen venue in the UK.

Case Study

I worked with the Saturday Matinee Company as they were about to embark on their third production.  As a result of our Team Coaching day, they produced a 10 year business plan and successfully applied for an Arts Council grant.  The Oxford Times said the company "has quickly become recognised as a vibrant part of Oxford's theatrical scene, with full houses at almost every show." Regular reviews ensured they kept on track and embraced new opportunities which opened up for the company.  

"Our planning day with Debs was wonderfully effective & just what we needed. Three creative, passionate ladies spilling the beans in every direction possible and Debs expertly gathering the 'beans' back together to create a cohesive and exciting business plan. Debs described the day as uncorking a bottle of champagne. Well, in which case, Debs skilfully poured that champers into all the appropriate glasses - and some!"
Amy Enticknap, Producer, Saturday Matinee Company