What Others Say

"I understand now why she calls it ‘Lighting the blue touch paper’!  In the first session alone somehow Debs enticed out of me an idea that I’ve had as a niggle for about 5 years!  It was immense!  Debs has this amazing way of communicating to bring to the surface the important things you need to clarify and shape from the big muddle in your head.  Debs has a gentle and unassuming style and however tired I was when I went in, after every session I felt energised and inspired.  She magics this creative space where ideas can suddenly shoot out of you (without prior warning!).  She then has a wealth of advice, wisdom and unlimited suggestions as to how to develop the idea into a reality.  Debs knows how to get you to feel your creative best and is your constant champion and supporter. I felt supported and encouraged to be exactly me in the way I wanted to be."

"Deborah is one of the most inspirational people I know.  I always come away from my sessions with her feeling like I can take on the world, and as if everything’s possible.   She has a fantastic “joie de vivre” and is excellent at understanding creative people and translating the boring business side of things into a language that a creative can understand and feel inspired by. She has many exciting tricks to use to help you achieve your goals! I cannot recommend her highly enough."

"You are the only person where I've paid for advice/assistance and it has felt really worth while.  I love how you can look at things in "business" terms whilst getting all the "emotional/personal ethical" stuff that can be mixed up in it."

Stephen Twist
"Sometimes you encounter a person who has such intrinsic energy that you are stopped in your tracks.  Deborah is one of these rare individuals.  Working with her on an artistic project has shown me her considerable value, both as a fellow professional and as a life enhancer. 10/10 recommendation from me."

"Deborah’s work has been invaluable in helping me to make decisions for taking my business forward.  At all times I have found Deborah to be innovative, dependable, conscientious and straightforward.  She is professional in her approach and at the same time has a clear capacity for empathy and sincerity.  I enjoy working with and have absolute confidence in her suggestions and support."

"Before my consultation with Deborah, I was in my own words ‘firefighting’, my nascent creative coaching and facilitation business having been born to a certain extent out of necessity. Deborah’s blend of common-sense and her positive, innovative approach, coupled with her astounding empathic skills helped me to see the big picture and the vast potential in my idea. Her style is friendly, inquiring, tenacious and unobtrusive all at the same time, an approach that encourages the flow of ideas and so not only enabled connection and engagement with my own original vision, but also to see the way forward.  She makes excellent, well-considered and appropriate practical suggestions, more importantly, she has an innate understanding of the emotional side of creating and developing a business, which she demonstrates throughout."
Nefra Canning, Nia, Body Tune and Dance Teacher 
"Deborah is extremely good at listening and reading between the lines to discover what is needed. She has the ability to coalesce information using it as a springboard for creative and inventive models and possibilities. Deborah is warm, trustworthy and consistent. She remains sensitive to the ethos of the enterprise while offering solutions that help ground, grow and establish it in countless ways."
Simon Hyde, videographer
"It is a delight to work with someone who has such an excellent understanding of creative practices.  Deborah gave me some brilliant ideas to work on and develop and set me off in new directions for my art practice."