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Take Five with Jane Beinart
Happy Easter!
Planning with the Business Model Canvas
When a paperclip becomes a key to creativity

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My Blog


“If you don’t know what you want you’ll end up with what you get”  Unknown

We are all somewhere - home, location, relationships, job, etc.

How much of that has been through choice and how much because it has just “happened”, that you have just drifted into?

In a lot of our lives, there can be things when, if someone asked us why we are living in this house going to this group, etc., where we might not be able to give a clear answer: “I just fell into it.” 

I fell into project management and administration because that’s how my mind works, putting things into plans. Add to that my ability to ask questions and draw out peoples’ ideas and you can see how I drifted into a career in fundraising.

Take Five with Jane Beinart

Jane Beinart  is an Oxford based artist who I first met through coaching (she is a life coach as well as an artist). She brings the same mindfulness to her art as she does to her coaching, responding to what is happening 'in the flow' rather than planning a painting out. Her work is colourful and spontaneous and is as much about the process as the outcome. She brings this same sensibility and playfulness to herpublic art classes, which are all about being curious, exploring what art materials can do, experimenting, and having a play.

Happy Easter!

Planning with the Business Model Canvas

Many of you want to make your creative practice into a business, but are put off by the jargon, don't know what you need to consider, or know how your business is going to work.

You might know there's stuff around marketing, but don't know to whom or how. You might not have identified who your customers are and how you will get to them. You might not be sure exactly what the products/services are that you offer. Then there's all that stuff around money. 

The Business Model Canvas is a great tool for identifying and pulling together all the elements of building a business.

When a paperclip becomes a key to creativity

If you have ever been to an away day or creative workshop, you may well have come across an exercise involving a paperclip.

The basics of the exercise are that you are given an ordinary, run of the mill paperclip and you have to come up with as many uses for it as possible. The rule is that you can’t use it to hold papers together.

Once you can’t do the obvious thing, you have no choice but to look at it differently. Suggestions I have seen include:

  • an earring
  • a toothpick
  • a DVD drive opener
  • a bookmark