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What to Take From Compliments
Take Five with Zena Forster
Are You An Imposter?
The Fireworks Exercise
Can I Just Ask...?

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My Blog

What to Take From Compliments

I have written previously aboutcomplimentsand how we can be bad at accepting them, even though they are gifts.

Building on that, compliments are not just lovely things to receive. They are also very useful indicators of how people perceive us. We are often so full of chatter in our heads of what we think others are saying about us, that we miss the real messages. Or we disregard the compliment with our own negative thoughts. How often have you said to yourself," oh they are only saying that because…".

Take Five with Zena Forster

Zena Forster is an Oxford based writer who work encompasses original plays and the tricky area of adaptation. (Her excellent adaptation of ‘Hester’, Margaret Oliphant’s quietly comic 19th-century novel, starring Penelope Wilton was on BBC Radio 4 on 2014.) Human Story Theatre are producing Zena’s play, ‘The Fourth Dog’, a one hour comedy about breast cancer, marital breakdown, family baggage and grieving – what could be funnier? They are taking it on a short tour of Oxfordshire 1st - 11th July. Although receiving an Arts Council Grant, Human Story Theatre are crowdfunding for additional funds to complete the tour.

Are You An Imposter?

Many years ago, I read a book by respected journalist (and later MP) Martin Bell. Amongst all his fascinating experiences and insightful analysis, there was one little bit which jumped out at me as a revelation.

He said he was always waiting for the moment when someone realised that he didn’t know what he was talking about.

What?!  But surely it was only me who thought that? Only me who thought that any moment my cover was going to be blown and I was going to be exposed as a total fraud.

It was a marvellous moment to read this in Bell’s book.

The Fireworks Exercise

Some of the tools I write about on this blog are practical, logical ones. However, as we all think and can be stimulated in different ways, today we are looking at a tool using the imagination. If you have a creative, visual way of thinking, here is an approach to dismissing those issues and problems which can stop you moving forward or getting what you want.

Imagine that in one hand, you are holding the casing for a rocket firework. You are holding it upside down and the bottom is open, surrounded by blue paper.

Can I Just Ask...?

Have you ever been at a meeting or conference where someone has asked a really simple, basic, obvious question?

And that really simple, basic, obvious question has been the one on everyone’s mind?  So much so that you can almost hear the sighs of relief from the rest of the audience?

So often, it isn’t us that asks that question, even if it is the one nagging away in our mind. We don’t want to look foolish, stupid, ignorant, uncool... fill in your own reason for keeping quiet.

Not asking questions can be a major barrier to not getting what we want.