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Take Five with Mark Powers
Have a Good Scream!
Change Your Mind, Not the Past
Take Five with Alex McIntyre
Creating a Confidence List

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My Blog

Take Five with Mark Powers

Mark Powersis an author of children' books (his latest, 'Spy Toys: Out of Control' has just been published). I first met Mark many years ago when we were both working in theatre and it was clear then that he was going to have to find a way to harness his over active imagination and sense of humour for the benefit of a reading public! Luckily for us, he has brought both together for his new series of Spy Toy books. The premise of the stories is that "the world's leading toy manufacturer makes playthings for the rich and famous, and every toy they create contains a tiny computerised brain and a unique personality.

Have a Good Scream!

I have a friend who screams under bridges.

This is not some kind of phobia, but something she does when needed as a stress buster.  On her walk home from work, she passes under a railway bridge. If she times it right and there is no-one else about, she waits until a train goes over and screams. The noise of the train under the echo-y bridge is far louder than she could ever be and she finds it a brilliant release of any stress she has built up during the day. Once the train has gone, she continues her walk home refreshed and ready for her family.

Change Your Mind, Not the Past

How much time have you spent worrying about something you can’t change?

When I studied for my degree, in my late 30s, it was a pragmatic decision, to help me get the level of job I wanted in my scramble up the career ladder. My only goal was to successfully complete the course, with no thoughts of the level of degree (2:2, 2:1, etc.).

As I worked my way through the modules, getting extremely good marks for my essays, tutors muttered about me getting a 1st. It started me thinking that this might be possible, so I worked even harder.

Take Five with Alex McIntyre

Alex McIntyre’s art is inspired by walking and running which enables the close, embodied observation of changes of light, land and sky connected with breath and movement. Whilst making in the studio she tries to re-capture an impression of a particular journey. The creative process then parallels the original journey resulting in a series of visual discoveries led by interactions with materials.  The completed works are a conversation between the pictorial surface, materials and the memory of movement and places.

Creating a Confidence List

We can all have moments when the Inner Critic is being particularly noisy or Imposter Syndrome rears its’ ugly head.

To help counter this, one technique is to create a list of 10 things which make you feel confident. Then when you feel the doubts hit, you can check through your list and pick one thing to do to get back on track. (Or if it is a really shaky day, make your way through all 10!)

Because this list would be very personal to you and what motivates you, it is difficult to prescribe what “should” be on it.