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Your Worst 'Best Friend'?
Is Coaching All About Solutions?
What If I Don't Know My Goal?

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My Blog

Is Coaching About Making Me ‘Better’?

This is a question which has come out of talking about coaching with a prospective client.

I did not question the meaning of ‘better’ in this context.  It could have meant better as in opposite to ‘not well’ or better as in more accomplished.  Neither is relevant to me because when someone, perhaps like you, wants to work with me, I don’t regard you as in need of being improved, of being fixed, of being made better.  I come from the attitude that there is absolutely nothing wrong with you.

Take Five with Rod McIntosh

Rod McIntoshis an artist who works between Kent and London as an exhibiting artist and consultant to the creative industries. He maintains a dynamic arts practice alongside a successful Arts Management career.  His works have minimal subject other than material, processes and an exploration of a visual language of marks.  Through this, he creates seemingly simple, but incredibly effective works of art.  He is also creative facilitator providing bespoke training across educational and business environments, he lectures and writes about artists professional practice.

Your Worst 'Best Friend'?

"You really are an idiot"
"Why should anyone listen to you?"
"You are only going to mess it up"
"You are too stupid/fat/ugly/old..."

If someone said any of these things to your face, you might at the very least think the person exceptionally rude.  You might ask them who they thought they were talking to you like that.  At the extreme, you might even deck them.  They would certainly get unfriended on Facebook.

But there is one person who often talks to us like that.

Is Coaching All About Solutions?

Following on from my post last week about one aspect of coaching, I was asked this question.  I can only answer from my own perspective and experience.

All the clients who have come to me want something to change.  As I wrotelast week, they can come with a ready formed goal or needing to find their direction.  Either way, at the end of our work together the clients will, if the coaching has worked, have found solutions to their situation and can go away with the next steps in place.

What If I Don't Know My Goal?

When I talk about coaching and theGROWmethodology, people sometimes say, "but does that mean I need to know what my goal is before I come to you?"

The answer is no, you don't.

Some people, it is true, come to me with a goal or project they want to work on.  Perhaps it isn't quite clear and they want to identify the exact goal.  Or they know exactly what they want, but don't know how to put it into action.  (I work with a lot of people who are tremendous "starters", having more ideas in a week than most of us have in a lifetime, but who are just not "doers" or "completer/finishers".