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Christmas Greetings!
Managing Risk
Christmas Treats
Take Five with Emily Druiff

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My Blog

Christmas Greetings!

Have a very Happy Christmas
and a Dazzling 2015!

The Catching Fireworks office will close on 
23rd December and reopen on 5th January

Managing Risk

“Sylvanus Bendall was a different breed. He welcomed risk. He opened the door and invited risk in, taking its coat and brushing its boots and serving it tea in his living room.”

I read this quote last week and loved it straight away!

Whilst many of us do not have the flair of fictional character Sylvanus Bendall, we will all face up to risk from time to time.  This can be by choice - deciding to change careers, move to a new location, start a new way of working - or it can be forced upon us by circumstances.


December is one of those months which can be hectically busy with end of year work; trying to get those goals for 2014 met; socialising (both work and personal); and planning for 2015. Plus, of course, trying to get work out of the way so you can have time off over Christmas. And with all the busy ness comes all kind of pressures - mental, physical, emotional. 

In the midst of rushing around like headless chickens, it is very important to use the Christmas break to carve a little time out for yourself to just put your feet up and relax.

Christmas Treats

From 1st December to 24th December, I will be running an Advent Calendar onTwitterandFacebook. This is the third year I have run this idea, which has proved popular in the past. 

Each day, I will post a link to something which could make a great Christmas gift for your friends and family - or yourself! The gifts will include chocolates, jewellery, music, books, ceramics, textiles, prints, cards and vouchers. Many of the gift ideas come from great people running small businesses, so it is a great way to support designers, makers, artists, musicians, and to find unique presents.

Take Five with Emily Druiff

Emily Druiff is the Executive Director ofPeckham Platform, leading it from its' creation in 2009 as Peckham Space to its'  transition this year into a new charity. During this time she has secured the influential endorsement of securing National Portfolio Organisation status from Arts Council England. Her knowledge and belief in the power of social arts practice to make contemporary art more relevant to people’s every day lives is what drives the curatorial vision for the organisation.