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My Blog


Variety's the very spice of life, that gives it all it's flavour. 
William Cowper

I often find myself working with people who come to me with what they perceive as a problem.  They have too many interests and they need to focus down to one thing.  On one level, there is something sensible about this, concentrating on one thing and becoming an expert, being the ‘go to’ person.  But too often, they come wanting drastic action, cutting out all the ‘distractions’ of their other interests.

Take Five with Richard Lalchan

Richard Lalchan is a web and graphic designer at his own company,RMLalchanand he creates imaginative and stylish websites for a cross section of clients from freelancers to charities.  He is a great person to speak to if you want to develop your website presence.

Richard is also the founder ofCreatives Hub, a brilliant resource for anyone with a creative flair.  Whether you are a creative freelancer, or your creativity comes out in side projects, Creatives Hub is a place to meet other talented creatives, share ideas, support each other in your projects and get those long cherished creative ideas kick started.


I try to avoid looking forward or backward, and try to keep looking upward.
Charlotte Bronte

Many years ago, I worked on a theatre production which involved 1 blind woman and about 30 sighted people.  At one point, the blind woman had to turn and run offstage, through the throng of people.  It kept going horribly wrong and we couldn't work out why.  Sure, the blind woman couldn't see where she were going, but why weren't the sighted people getting out of the way?

It was ages before we realised that usually, a sighted person will turn their head to look where they are going before stepping.


Baby feet demonstrating tenacity on Catching Fireworks blog

Pulp existed for 12 years before we got famous. Now, you could say that was just lack of imagination, but it's some kind of quality isn't it? Tenacity.

Jarvis Cocker

I read an interesting fact recently on theParentingwebsite: “It takes most babies about 1,000 hours of practice from the time they pull themselves upright to the time they can walk alone.”

1,000 hours.  During which they wobble, lean on the edge of the coffee table, topple onto their tummies, try again, hang on to Mum’s finger, flop down onto their bottom, cry, try again, pull themselves up using a chair leg, slip over, try again.


Want to be productive? Go to sleep! Blog by Deborah Henry-Pollard, Catching Fireworks

I was very interested to read anews story on the BBC some time ago about how we are becoming ignorant about sleep and its' importance to our well being.  

This is something I recognise both from my own experience and from my clients.

I used to be a 9 to 5 wage slave, getting up early every morning to make the morning commute from one side of London to the other.  There would then be the long working day, followed by a commute home and some socialising or work engagement.  I would get home late and have to be up at the same time next morning regardless of how much sleep I had had so that I could start the process again.