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Annual Advent Calendar
Take Five with Lene Bladbjerg
Redefining Your Vision
With Thanks to Mr Farthing
Best Laid Plans...

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My Blog

Annual Advent Calendar

For the fourth consecutive year, I am running my Twitter 'advent calendar'.

Every day from 1st to 24th December, I will tweet twice a day promoting people and companies which I think provide great ideas for Christmas gifts.  You might find the perfect item for a loved one or something to add to your own Christmas wishlist.  Follow me on @fireworksdhp or look out for the hashtag #adventcalendar. 

Gifts include art, online courses, books, prints, jewellery, memberships and chocolates.

Take Five with Lene Bladbjerg

Lene Bladbjergis a Danish graphic artist based in London, via time spent in Brussels and The Philippines.  This multinational environment prompted Lene's passion for exploring new countries and cultures, which has influenced her work as an artist.  She now works from her studio in Crystal Palace, South London, as a full-time visual artist and freelance graphic designer.

Lene's work is influenced by her background as a graphic designer. It is crisp, thought-provoking and often humorous and she often creates her work by incorporating unusual materials, often re-cycled.

Redefining Your Vision

As a coach, part of the process of developing into the best coach I can be for my clients is self coaching, taking the time to work deeply on my own thinking and mindset.

Recently, I have taken time out run my own personalKick Start 2016session - no good offering it to others if I am not prepared to do it myself!

7 years ago when I started Catching Fireworks, it came out of my vision for what I would do if I won the lottery.  I would use the money to fund 6 creative people for 3 years each, becoming a sort of patron of the arts.

With Thanks to Mr Farthing

Colin Welland and Dai Bradley in Kes

The fine actor and writer,Colin Welland, died on 2 November.  He produced some wonderful work during his career, with performances and screenplays of great truth and honesty.

I revisited one of my favourite films, ‘Kes’, where he gave a subtle performance as the school teacher, Mr Farthing.  His pupil, Billy Casper, is a seemingly no hope kid; not academic, no good at sports, bullied, neglected.  Billy steals a kestrel from a nest and begins learning falconry, building a relationship with his bird, Kes.

Best Laid Plans...

With a bit of practice, most of us can put together a plan to make a project or a business work.  However, if putting together a great plan in which everything works was all that was needed for us to sail through life, then we would all be millionaires, household names or ... add in your own indicator of success. 

As an freelancer or entrepreneur, with your future and your work life in your own hands, the real key to planning is not just the “in a perfect world” scenario, but the one in which you have also considered all the things which could go wrong.