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Take Five with Deborah Shaw
This Is Not a Film About Tango: the Transcript
From Vision to Reality: The Making of ‘This is not a film about tango’

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My Blog

Take Five with Deborah Shaw

Deborah Shaw Take Five blog for Catching Fireworks on Tower of London installation

Deborah Shaw is someone I had the very great pleasure of working with many years ago.  She is a theatre director, festival director, producer and writer who was an Associate Director of the Royal Shakespeare Company, the Director of the acclaimed World Shakespeare Festival 2012 for London2012 and is Executive Producer and founder member of theIraqi Theatre Company.  She is also the Head of Creative Programming atHistoric Royal Palaces, where she is responsible for artistic interventions, performances and new forms of creative interpretation at the historic, iconic royal palaces of London.

This Is Not a Film About Tango: the Transcript

This is not a film about tango still for script blog on Catching Fireworks

Thank you so much to all the people who have given such wonderful feedback on myvideo.  It has been very touching to read your kind emails and I appreciate them greatly.

Many people have commented on the script and asked if they could have a copy, so I am happy to provide it here:



Deborah Henry-Pollard

This is not a film about tango….

it is a film about coaching.

And about tango.

The essence is the same.

Two people creating something more than can be achieved by either one on their own.


I keep a wishlist.

It is made up of two types of items.  Some are those things which I am actually going to do and they live on the list as reminders until I am ready to put them into action.  For example, when I lived in Chester, I had ‘move back to London’ on the list.  Over a couple of years, this went from being a general idea, to becoming a real vision, a plan, actions and finally,reality.  

Other things live on the list as ‘wouldn’t it be nice?”, but to which I am not necessary committed to doing anything about at the moment.

From Vision to Reality: The Making of ‘This is not a film about tango’

Blog on This is not a film about tango on Catching Fireworks website

I am always talking about the importance of having and articulating a vision.  This blog is an illustration of what can happen when you have a simple idea and tell people about it.

It started when I was atCreatives Hub on 28 May (2014).  This is a great initiative to support people with their creative ideas, whether as part of their business, a sideline or something to keep their souls alive (or all three).  As part of a mini hub with 5 other people, I put forward an idea for a project which had been sitting at the very back of my mind for a while; to create a film to demonstrate what I felt was the essence of coaching by using my own creative practice, dancing the Argentine Tango.


Variety's the very spice of life, that gives it all it's flavour. 
William Cowper

I often find myself working with people who come to me with what they perceive as a problem.  They have too many interests and they need to focus down to one thing.  On one level, there is something sensible about this, concentrating on one thing and becoming an expert, being the ‘go to’ person.  But too often, they come wanting drastic action, cutting out all the ‘distractions’ of their other interests.