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Catching Fireworks

Deborah Henry-Pollard: Creative Coaching


Coaching is a wonderful partnership. Working with my clients, they have: written their debut novel; set 5 year creative practice goals (and achieved 80% of them within 2 years); created meaningful post-retirement careers; developed their hobby into a key income strand; turned small creative ideas into large scale projects; redesigned their creative businesses; changed careers.


What do you want to work on?

  • finding your long term vision
  • taking a project from idea to action - you’ve got the brilliant idea, now plan how you can move it forward 
  • successfully managing multiple projects and ideas
  • overcoming the perceived blocks and getting unstuck
  • becoming more businesslike in your practice
  • working through the confusion, gain clarity to find out what you really want to do 
  • playing a bigger game, which you haven't had the courage to say it out loud... yet

What are the benefits for you?

  • working with someone who is committed to your creativity and success
  • time and space to think and focus exclusively on your issues – you get 100% attention
  • ongoing accountability over a series of sessions to keep you on track
  • a focus on solutions and successes, not on problems
  • being both supported and sometimes challenged
  • retaining control – putting your future back into your own hands
  • investing in a support system

What do you get?

  • 60 minutes coaching via Skype phon/ face to face (Central London)
  • pre-session preparation
  • post session follow up
  • where relevant, homework exercises
  • between session support via email/phone 
  • access to my networks and making introductions, if I see potential links
  • where possible, passing on ideas/contacts/information if I spot something which I think might be relevant


What do you do next?

If you are serious about making a change in your life, book your free exploratory conversation to find out more about coaching. If we feel we can work together, we book a session which can be standalone or the first of a series. At each subsequent session, we review where you are, how you want to move forward and agree your goals and actions to work on between sessions.