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Catching Fireworks

Deborah Henry-Pollard: Creative Coaching

"I attended an arts in business seminar by Be Smart About Art in January 2016 - Deborah Henry-Pollard was a key member of the panel of speakers. I was really impressed by Deborah's presence as a speaker (and I have seen many, many speakers) - she exudes sincere confidence, warmth and great passion for her subject(s). I found her captivating and would highly recommend her for public speaking events!"
Emma de Polnay


I have spoken at events for: West Dean College; Be Smart About Art; Art & Design Employability; University of East London; Artsmart; The Design Trust; Forum Arts; Creatives Hub; Association of Women Art Dealers; Shape Arts; Four Corners; Secret Subterranean London symposium, Illumini; Wellcome Collection.  

If you are an organisation who would like me to deliver one of these talks or workshops with your group, or be a guest on a webinar or podcast, please get in touch for a conversation.



4th July 2:30pm - 5pm

Create Your Business Model Canvas - for Gallerists + Art Dealers

Westbury Accountants & Business Advisers London

145-157 Saint John Street, London EC1V 4PY

Do you...
Want to have a clear overview of your business, including how it’s developing in an evolving market, BUT because continual demands on your time are high, finding the time (and headspace) is a challenge? If this sounds familiar then this workshop is for you.

The Business Model Canvas is a 'living document' that enables you to work ON your creative enterprise so that it’s heading in the direction you intend - today, next month, and into the future. Hosted by Association of Women Art Dealers

For more details and how to book visit Eventbrite

1st August 6:30pm-9pm

What's stopping you succeed? MOVE FORWARD!

Cass Art Islington, 66-67 Colebrook Row, London N1 8AB

Hosted by Be Smart About Art, this light-hearted talk is for early to mid-career industry professionals. Fun, friendly and inclusive, it will address some of the mindsets, fears and myths which hold people back, even when they know the practical next steps. It will help you identify areas where you may be getting in your own way. The discussion covers themes in my forthcoming book, What’s Your Excuse for not Succeeding as an Artist.

For more details and to book, visit the Be Smart About Art website.


A Vision and Why You Need One

What is visioning and what is the point of it in your creative career?  

Do you want to choose where you will be in 10 years or just allow yourself to drift and hope for the best?

Knowing what you are setting out to achieve and how to articulate that so you will stand out amongst other similar professionals can seem like one of the hardest things to do when you set out on your independent career. 

I use personal experience, case studies and relevant examples to show the benefits of creating a vision for yourself. These include self motivation, proactivity, engaging others and keeping focus. I will also lead you through an exercise to look at where you want to be in 10 years time.

The session is participatory and people should come prepared with pen and paper!

“I still feel as if I've had a caffeine injection from your session. It was quite extraordinary.”

"The energy in the room has been tremendous...I felt totally lifted"

Workshop participants

Format: 1 hour

5 Top Tips for Coping as a Creative

This talk addresses 5 common mindsets which can be stumbling blocks with creatives. 

This isn't about how to run a social media campaign, fill in a tax return or get into retail outlets: you are intelligent enough to find sources of information for yourself. It is about those moments when your own thoughts stop you from moving forward. We will look at small  steps to help you with issues like confidence, managing overwhelm, working with your fears and business planning - is it really a totally different set of skills? I will offer practical exercises and tools which you can take away to help you cope. This will be light touch coaching - please come with a notebook and pen for the exercises and reflection.

This talk is inspired by my forthcoming book, What’s Your Excuse for not Succeeding as an Artist.

(Booking now for dates after October 2018)

“This was such a success. Your presentation was wonderful. I learnt so much too which was great.”

"I loved it! It was really helpful! I have adopted the one minute meditation as my new calming trick!'

"Awesome ...I just loved your gentle, kind approach."

Workshop participants

Format: 1 hour

Business Model Canvas workshop

Do you have negative thoughts about business plans - you don’t understand them; you think they will constrict your creativity; you are frightened of them….?

The Business Model Canvas is a one page tool for creating, understanding and telling the story of your business/career and is used by organisations of many sizes from solopreneurs to global corporations. 

This is an interactive session using a fistful of sticky notes where you will start creating the canvas for your own business; get clarity for your professional practice; picture who you want to work with or how you want to be working. It also allows you to see what you already have in place. It will give you a document which you can use on a daily / weekly / monthly basis to move you into action and help keep you on track.

“Loved the canvas work,

given me so much structure”

Workshop participant

“Ploughing ahead and using what I learnt from your Business Model Canvas session at West Dean to do my business plan. So all in all, that course and coaching you did in an hour with me has been amazing.”
Workshop participant

Format: 3.5 hour workshop

with Jon Jacob and Andrew James Johnson