Creatives Blocks - They Happen to Us All

Posted on 29 August, 2019 at 10:35

Image by Steve Johnson from Pixabay

Sometimes you know it just isn't going to happen.


You have the quiet space (the British Library), the tools (iPad) and the time (a couple of hours between meetings) - everything you need to write your weekly blog.

One important thing is missing.


Actually, that isn't entirely true, because one or two ideas do spring to mind, but when I check back through my list of completed blogs, I've already written about them.

After my umpteenth heavy sigh of frustration, a woman next to me says, "As bad as that, eh?!" 

We get into a discussion about what we both do and I tell her my lack of inspiration.

"Why don't you write about that? After all, you talk about creative blocks - your clients might be quite pleased to know that you get them as well."

But that is a bit scary. As a coach, shouldn't I know it all? Shouldn't I have all the tools to hand to get me through moments like this? Indeed, as a coach, should I even be having moments like these in the first place?

But surely that is all part and parcel of the creative process. Even when you know your stuff, inspiration can go out of the window and no amount of pleading will bring it back. I've had evenings in dance class when, even after years of dancing the Argentine tango, I can barely hear a beat or keep my balance. Or times when I would have done better to leave the lens cap on my camera and done something completely different instead.

And the bottom line is that whilst it is frustrating, it isn't wrong. It is just part of the cycle of creation, when the mind has to be left alone to percolate ideas without any intrusion of the shoulds and oughts.

Take a deep breath and just trust that how it is at this moment is okay.

(And if you want some inspiration to help you get through creatives blocks, check out my free ebook in Resources.)

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