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The Goal or the Journey?

Posted on 17 October, 2019 at 5:50

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As a coach, I am often asked how many of my clients reach the goals. It is an obvious question because it is a useful measure of success for the client, for me and for people thinking of working with me.

But it isn’t always that simple. Yes, some of my clients have reached their goals. Others have far exceeded what they set out to do.

When we first begin the process, we do look at setting a goal, what the client wants to achieve. There is often a bit of a stretch in it, pulling the client gently out of their comfort zone. The goal is set from what the client believes is possible from where they are at that moment.

As we work together, with the goal as our guide, we uncover all kinds of marvellous things. We look at where where the client is, what they want to do, what is in place, where they might need to develop, things which are stopping them. People remember and recognise past achievements which they had forgotten about and which give them confidence, inspiration and motivation.

As they grow in confidence, see new opportunities and possibilities, sometimes the original goal can seem too small, not as appropriate or just “different”.

So why set a goal in the first place, if it is going to change?

Because having a goal, any goal, gives clarity, focus and purpose. It creates motivation and pulls us into action. Each achievement along the way, however big or small, can be celebrated, motivating us further. Reaching for a goal can bring out the best in ourselves and also gives us the impetus and confidence to stretch that little bit more. It keeps us concentrating on the possible and the positive.

So in answer to the question, do my clients reach their goals? Many of them do - and most leave their original goals far behind as they really get in touch with what is possible.

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