Have you ever wanted to take a step back from the hurly burly of activity and give yourself some time to think?

Whether you are at the beginning of a project, looking to change the direction of your practice, or need some time out for a review, this is an opportunity to have an "Away Day" to refocus on your long game.  

The material generated from these workshops can be used to: 

  • create / re-establish your vision
  • create business plans
  • plan future actions
  • focus on your true purpose
  • identify what might be missing
  • design "what's next?"
  • 'reboot your practice

The agenda is designed to take you from the long term picture of what you want to achieve with your creative practice right down to the actions you will take in the next week. It looks at what you want to build on, what is stopping you and how you want to move forward. We capture your ideas so that you have the beginnings of a plan. 

The first part of the session is for generating ideas and gathering information, with the second part pulling all this into concrete plans.

Goals/Vision: What Do You Want To Achieve?

This is the time for possibilities and potential.

Reality: What Is Happening?

This is the “where you are now”, when we find out all the things already in place. These can include skills, experience, contacts, networks, structure, etc. We look at the ‘missing’ things as well, but all in the context of a non-judgemental “nothing is wrong, this is just what it is”.

What Could You Do?

Brainstorm all the options you could do, however bold, silly, outrageous …

What Will You Do?

Look at all the options available to you - which will you actually do? Put together an action plan, including the actions to be taken in the next day, week, month.

The session is 6 hours, including a working lunch and breaks and is held face to face in the UK in your home/venue/studio.

To discuss this programme, plus logistics, book a Clarity Call and let's start and conversation.