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Deborah Henry-Pollard: Creative Coaching

"I attended an arts in business seminar by Be Smart About Art in January 2016 - Deborah Henry-Pollard was a key member of the panel of speakers. I was really impressed by Deborah's presence as a speaker (and I have seen many, many speakers) - she exudes sincere confidence, warmth and great passion for her subject(s). I found her captivating and would highly recommend her for public speaking events!"
Emma de Polnay

"We invited Debs to give a talk at our local networking group & I think all there would agree just how inspiring she is."
Shona Chambers, [email protected]

“Great speaker, enthusiastic, clear”

“Enjoyed Deborah’s manner and enthusiasm”

Workshop Feedback

Forthcoming Public Events

Feb 2020 - Nov 2020

#ArtBizBootcamp 2020 

Up your game in Be Smart About Art's signature 10-month online course - click through for full details of 9 modules / 6 masterclasses and other benefits

For Artists, Dealers, Artist-Curators and other awesome creatives.

Location: Online!  Aka: Your computer / tablet / smartphone

Speakers: Susan J Mumford, Deborah Henry-Pollard

Price: Registration: £50 / $65 USD / 55 Euros > Early sign-ups will get freebies! Course: 10 x monthly subscription payments of £44.50 / $55 USD / 50 Euros



Big Vision, Little Steps

  • Do you know what ‘success’ means to you in your artistic career, or are you working to someone else’s definition?
  • Are you choosing where you will be in 5 years or allowing yourself to drift and hope for the best?
  • Do you want to do some planning for your art practice which doesn’t involve spreadsheets, business jargon or other peoples’ ideas of what you “should” be doing? 

Wherever you are in your career - early stage, changing course, moving to the next level - knowing what you want to achieve isn't always immediately clear. Then once you know, how do you keep on track?

During this 2 hour interactive workshop, we will start with the big picture and bring you right down to getting into action now. You will leave this workshop with your own clear vision for the next 5 years; key goals for the next 12 months and your next actions. 

“Excellent talk and workshop. Boosted my confidence and motivated me to take my next step! Thank you so much!”

“Just what I needed after feeling stuck about where I am going with my art business”

“I still feel as if I've had a caffeine injection from your session. It was quite extraordinary.”

"The energy in the room has been tremendous...I felt totally lifted"

“The overview, very thoughtful and structured approached really brought clarity”

Workshop participants

5 Top Tips for Coping as a Creative

This 2 hour interactive workshop addresses 5 common mindsets which can be stumbling blocks with creatives. 

This isn't about how to run a social media campaign, fill in a tax return or get into retail outlets: you are intelligent enough to find sources of information for yourself. It is about those moments when your own thoughts stop you from moving forward. We will look at small  steps to help you with issues like confidence, managing overwhelm, working with your fears and business planning - is it really a totally different set of skills? I will offer practical exercises and tools which you can take away to help you cope. This will be light touch coaching - please come with a notebook and pen for the exercises and reflection.

This talk is inspired by my book, What’s Your Excuse for not Succeeding as an Artist.

"Thank you for a fantastic workshop today!  It was both interesting and inspirational, and you have given those of us attending some great tools to work with."

“This was such a success. Your presentation was wonderful.

I learnt so much.”

"I loved it! It was really helpful! I have adopted the one minute meditation as my new calming trick!'

"Awesome ...I just loved your gentle, kind approach."

Workshop participants


I have spoken at events for organisations including: Chester Literature Festival; Ashurst Emerging Artist Prize; Mall Galleries/FBA Futures; West Dean College; Be Smart About Art; Cass Art; Roy's Art Fair; Wimbledon Art Studios; University of East London; University of Exeter; Artsmart; The Design Trust; Forum Arts; Creatives Hub; Association of Women Art Dealers; Shape Arts; Four Corners; Wellcome Collection.  

If you are an organisation who would like me to deliver one of my interactive talks with your group, or be a guest on a webinar or podcast, please get in touch for a conversation.

"Thank you for such an inspiring evening - I was buzzing when I got home … the talk was brilliant"  

“A straightforward session of discovery!”

“Very informative and fun! A great workshop”

Podcast Appearances

I was absolutely delighted to be a guest on Mark McGuinness's highly acclaimed 21st Century Creative podcast talking about tango, creativity, excuses and why I love working with creative people.