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Catching Fireworks

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Demystifying the Business Planning Process ebook

How can planning a journey from New Addington to South Ruislip help shape your business future?   

This free ebook is for those creative people who want to start their own business, but are put off by jargon. It uses the idea of a journey across London to demonstrate how the skills we use everyday to travel around the city can be transferred into creating a business plan. Covering the concepts of motivation, vision, goals, skills and qualities, marketing, resources, money and risk analysis, it is designed to be the stepping stone between that first idea and the visit to a business advisor or a business planning book.  

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"The e-book was honestly amazing and it was so nice to have someone break it down in normal terms. Seriously 3 months worth of feeling like I was not cut out for business erased after an hour of sitting with your e-book!!!”  Jennifer Milarksi, Artist & designer

"Just downloaded your ebook. It's brilliant. Love your travelling around London analogies. Makes the whole concept of business plans so accessible." 
Karen Chambers, KC Coaching – Clarity Cards™

31 Tips for Tackling Creative Blocks ebook

This ebook has one tip a day for a 31 day month. Next time you hit a creative brick wall, try a tip or write, draw, dance, sing or otherwise create a response to any of the photos to kickstart your creative juices. Have fun trying them out and break that block!  Download it here.

Catching Fireworks - Sparklers

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