Nicola Anthony - Contemporary Artist

"Deborah has been my Creative Coach for over a year. Her support and wisdom has been invaluable, and she has been a wonderful influence for closer to ten years. As my art career developed, I turned to Debs for advice, read her book, and attended her talks and workshops - when I was ready for a creative coach I knew it had to be Deborah. She has a skilful knack of asking the questions that I never think to ask myself, probing deeper into creative blocks or professional hurdles, and increasing my confidence measurably. With Deborah's support I have gained more control of my inner critic, understood more about my business model, and approached serious art collections who acquired my art."

Jo Harley - Artist

I've found Deb to be a great listener and observer, and someone who has a natural gift for creating a space to explore possibilities. Her coaching sessions have been really insightful and supportive. She has a lovely way of knowing when to gently challenge, and when to encourage, and has been a wonderful resource for connecting me to people and ideas I wouldn't have considered, or known about otherwise. I'd highly recommend a session with her whatever stage you are on as a creative.

Jane Beinart - Maker and Multidisciplinary Artist

"I am currently having coaching with Deborah and it is proving an absolutely fantastic investment! I really wanted and craved the time and space to be able to talk about my art and my creative business, and I am getting that and so much more! I'm feeling much more on track after just a few sessions! I'd thoroughly recommend Debs if you are an artist and are finding you are getting stuck moving forward on anything to do with your art (either personal or business related)."

Claire Meredith - Coach

"I understand now why she calls it ‘Lighting the blue touch paper’! In the first session alone somehow Debs enticed out of me an idea that I’ve had as a niggle for about 5 years! It was immense! Debs has this amazing way of communicating to bring to the surface the important things you need to clarify and shape from the big muddle in your head. Debs has a gentle and unassuming style and however tired I was when I went in, after every session I felt energised and inspired. She magics this creative space where ideas can suddenly shoot out of you (without prior warning!). She then has a wealth of wisdom as to how to develop the idea into a reality. Debs knows how to get you to feel your creative best and is your constant champion and supporter. I felt supported and encouraged to be exactly me in the way I wanted to be."

Sarah Browning - Communicator and Kindness Cheerleader

"Debs is so good at adapting to my ways of working and drawing out things that I haven't spotted myself. Before a session I will often share with her a hand-drawn mindmap or a few scribbled words, then talk around the topic, and she will prompt me with a question or observation that helps me to find a way forward or a next step. I always leave our sessions feeling upbeat and with ideas for what to do next. She is more than just a coach - she is a brilliant, supportive friend and I am so glad to have her in my corner."

Marina Emphietzi - Artist

“I got to know Deborah Henry-Pollard when I first came to London a few years ago and was feeling lost. Deborah is an inspiring coach with a warm personality; her coaching strategies helped me find my direction as an artist, achieve my goals and gain confidence. I am very thankful to her and would highly recommend her as a coach and as the author of the" What's your Excuse for not Succeeding as an Artist?'”

Nathalie Banaigs - Founder, Kent Creative

I see coaching from Deborah very much like a partnership where she holds my hand as I move along. I have known for years that passion, motivation and determination are not always enough if you are not self disciplined. We know what creatives especially are like! I am an excellent procrastinator and of course, from time to time I have doubts. As a result, I was lacking clarity. Deborah was able to structure my thoughts better than I could do it by myself and also helped me find clarity. One of the most productive outcome of my coaching sessions with Deborah is that I am able to identify specific goals to be achieved within a specific timeframe... leading to one important thing: get things done. Step by step, little by little things take shape. It's about knowing where to go and how to get there.

Nefra Canning - Dancer & Nia Teacher

"Deborah is extremely good at listening and reading between the lines to discover what is needed. She has the ability to coalesce information using it as a springboard for creative and inventive models and possibilities. Deborah is warm, trustworthy and consistent. She remains sensitive to the ethos of the enterprise while offering solutions that help ground, grow and establish it in countless ways."

Caroline Dale - Alexander Teacher

"Deborah’s work has been invaluable in helping me to make decisions for taking my business forward. At all times I have found Deborah to be innovative, dependable, conscientious and straightforward. She is professional in her approach and at the same time has a clear capacity for empathy and sincerity. I enjoy working with and have absolute confidence in her support."

Charlotte Wells - Creative Coach

"I couldn’t recommend Debs more highly. I feel so safe and supported in our sessions. Deborah is incredibly generous and creates a space where time stops and you can suddenly see the horizon clearly. Every session has ended with the same thought ‘you’re a miracle worker!’ I’ve left with a big smile on my face every single time and the desire to go out and get on with my passion. Debs is very knowledgeable and sharing. She has saved me from giving up on big obstacles that were going to trip me up. I feel very lucky to have her as a coach!"

Nasrin Golden - Visual Artist

"Deborah is one of the most kind, generous and loving people I have ever met. I approached her to learn to balance the creative and business part of my practice. But I gained much more. Working with Deborah was a real blessing and joyful. She listens and lets you be who you are. She provides an environment without judgement or criticism. Deborah is present and spacious. After working with her over a year, I have built my confidence. I am more focused and I dare to work on bigger projects. Also, I am now earning income from my practice. If you are ready, I highly recommend working with her. "

Susan Clare - Artist

"I’m blown away by the amount of care, attention and rich content you have given me, not to mention the follow up notes to keep me on track going forward. I woke up feeling energised and like I can handle this, thanks to your support!” 

Dr Diana Wilkins - Art Curator, Researcher, Speaker

I’ve recently come to the end of a creative coaching programme with Deborah. It’s been really energising to work with someone so encouraging and effective. Deborah has helped me craft my long-term vision and identify practical steps to achieve it. She also has lots of great advice on different ways of breaking out of your comfort zone.

Heather Petty

"I could chat to Deborah for hours, she’s so warm and friendly and insightful – the sessions flew by but I think they were just the right length.  I was impressed by how much support there was, and the personal touches.  I feel like Deborah is a friend now as well as someone I pay for a service.  I started a blog and I’m writing a book.  I’m loving being creative, really getting a lot out of it. I have found a routine and my days have structure.  I’m working more productively than I did in my office job.  I think I’ve been looking for ‘the right thing’ for a long time and now I’ve found it.”