Big Vision, Little Steps

This 2 hour interactive workshop explores what visioning is and the value of it in your creative career.

If you want to do some planning for your creative practice which doesn’t involve spreadsheets, business jargon or other peoples’ ideas of what you “should” be doing, this is for you.

We will start with the big picture of what success is for you and bring you right down to getting into action now. You will leave this workshop with your own clear vision for the next 5 years; key goals for the next 12 months and your next actions. 

“Excellent talk and workshop. Boosted my confidence and motivated me to take my next step! Thank you so much!”

“Just what I needed after feeling stuck about where I am going with my art business”

“I still feel as if I've had a caffeine injection from your session. It was quite extraordinary.”

"Thank you for a fantastic workshop today! It was both interesting and inspirational,

and you have given those of us attending some great tools to work with."

“This was such a success. Your presentation was wonderful. I learnt so much.”

“The overview, very thoughtful and structured approached really brought clarity”

Workshop participants

5 Top Tips for Coping as a Creative

This 2 hour interactive workshop addresses 5 common mindsets which can be stumbling blocks with creatives. 

This isn't about how to run a social media campaign, fill in a tax return or get into retail outlets. It is about those moments when your own thoughts stop you from moving forward. These small steps will help with issues like confidence, managing overwhelm, working with your fears and business planning - is it really a totally different set of skills? This will be light touch coaching with practical exercises and tools which you can take away to help you cope.

This talk is inspired by my book, What’s Your Excuse for not Succeeding as an Artist.

"It is a rare combination to get so many important things covered in a not-overwhelming and pleasant way. These are skills everybody needs to practice and be reminded of again and again. Thank you for all this, Deborah!"

"Thanks for an interesting session, I am definitively going to use the 1min meditation from now on."

“Very encouraging and confidence boosting”

Workshop participants