feels stuck, unclear or uncertain?

has too many ideas and doesn’t know how/if to follow them all?

needs support to get into ​action?​

I work with artists, designers, performers, writers, film makers, theatre makers, dancers and other creative professionals

who want to get into action and thrive, by providing:


a clear vision of what​ you want to achieve


an outside view to put things in context


to keep you on track as you take action

"I really enjoy our discussions and find them so helpful, motivating and un-judgemental.

I believe they have made a profound difference to how I relate to my art work and link it with the other aspects of my life."

My clients have: written their debut novel; set 5 year creative practice goals (and achieved 80% of them within 2 years); had artwork placed into leading collections; been accepted into their first exhibitions and art fairs; invited to join prestigious boards; created meaningful post-retirement careers; developed their hobby into a key income strand; turned small creative ideas into large scale projects; redesigned their creative businesses; changed careers. 

Whether what is stopping you seems like a great boulder in the road ahead or an annoying pebble in your shoe, apply for a coaching place and a free exploratory conversation to find out how we might work together.

"Debs combines years of experience and expertise with a wealth of wisdom, dedication, generosity and warmth. I have known Debs professionally and personally for about 4 years. I undertook a 4 hour planning session with her as a way of reviewing my business and can highly recommend her. She is an excellent human being with masses of emotional intelligence so if you need some gentle accountability, a cheerleader and someone who will believe in and encourage you when you can't to it yourself... then Debs is for you!" Alex McIntyre


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