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One of the great things about being a coach is that I get to help other people design how they want their lives to be. And of course, I have the opportunity to do the same thing for myself.


After 16 years of running Catching Fireworks, it is a very good time to change my focus.


I am not taking on any new clients, speaking engagements or workshops.


I love coaching and the benefits that it brings to both my clients and myself. However, there are lots of other things that I also love doing. One of these is taking on a more active volunteer role with ArtCan, the excellent organisation working with artists with which I have been involved for the past few years.


I will keep the website live for the time being, where you can download my free resources and read blogs. You can access my videos on YouTube - I have just published a whole new batch to keep you going! You can also keep in touch with me on social media. Of course, I’ll still pop up at private views, so I am sure I will catch up with quite a few of you on the exhibition circuit.


Thank you to everyone who has supported me over 16 years of Catching Fireworks - I could not have done it without you! As many of you will know from experience, it is tough running a business on your own, however much you might love it. Having people in your corner, giving you a kind word and a bit of encouragement, is so important.


Whatever you do next in your life, I hope you will be happy and find the things which bring you joy and satisfaction.



What's Your Excuse for not Succeeding as an Artist?:

Overcome your excuses, nurture your creative potential and thrive.

"This book is a must read for every artist. It's not just platitudes. It's not just top-tips. It's solid information by a coach who knows her stuff. Every artist hits the wall. Every artist feels lost and gets stuck. This book is a great resource to help you get past those blocks that stop you."

Reader review,


UK Buyers: Buy your print copy from the ArtCan website where profits from each sale go to support the work of ArtCan. 



How can planning a journey from south to west London help shape your business future? This ebook is for those creative people who need a business plan, but are put off by jargon. Download it here​.

A tip a day for a 31 day month. Try a tip or create a response to a photo to kickstart your creative juices. Have fun trying them out and break that block! Download it here.


Check out my library of short coaching videos on Youtube

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