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Circle of Control

In the confusion of what we can/can't, should/shouldn't be doing, this is a tool I have been using with some of my coaching clients during these times when it can feel that everything is out of your control. It might be of use to some of you.


Get a piece of paper and draw a circle in the centre.


Around the outside of the circle, write down all the things your can’t control. For example:


- other peoples’ feelings, actions, opinions

- how the news is reported

- food supplies in shops

- how long this situation will last

- etc…


As much as possible, let go of worrying about these things.


In the centre of the circle, write down all the things you CAN control. For example:

- how you feel, your behaviour, your thoughts

- how you limit your news consumption

- how you use your food supplies

- your own wellbeing

- etc…


These are the things you can focus on.


Keep the circle near you and if you feel panicky, take a breath, remind yourself of what you can control and refocus.

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