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How Do I Support My Clients?

People have asked what type of support I provide to creative professionals.


I work with people who are serious about making a change in their creative life, however big or small, and want to get into action. This could be through finding ways of working which support your practice or getting you through blocks caused by lack of confidence, negative perception or unhelpful attitudes. I listen intently with no agenda, ask questions and dig deep to find out what you really want. I find that most of you know what you really want to achieve in life, but sometimes it is hidden so deep down even you can’t find it.


I work on the principle that you know your areas best and have all the knowledge you need to do what you want. The issue is often that you might not recognise that in yourselves, or you are stuck in some way.

I help you to: find clarity through creating a clear vision of what you want to achieve; give an objective space where you can get perspective and help you put things in context; and give you ongoing support to keep you accountable as you take action.


If this sounds like something which chimes with where you are now, book a Clarity Call and let’s start a conversation.

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