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Is the answer right in front of you?

I was talking with some fellow coaches about procrastination recently and mentioned that I had once fallen into a trap which catches out many of us.


I had been putting off a project because I thought I needed a special bit of software on my computer which would work like an autocue. Although I like technology which helps me be more effective, I am not someone who gets excited about software and apps per se, so I hadn’t been looking forward to doing the research. All that being faced with lots of different options, working out which would do what I needed without being a sledgehammer to crack a nut, which wouldn’t take up too much space on the laptop, be too expensive, etc. The consequence was that I put my project off for a year, “until I had the time to find the right software”.


By chance whilst in the middle of another project, I suddenly discovered that I actually didn’t need a new piece of software. All I needed was the camera on my Mac and my existing Pages package.  By putting the document in a minimised box under the camera, I could film myself reading my blogs and voila, I had created my coaching vlogs.  Yes, I know - when you say it like that, it is totally obvious. It was a bit of a ‘doh’ moment and I did feel a bit of an idiot to find the answer had been under my nose the whole time. 


I hadn’t spotted this solution before was because I wasn’t expecting something that simple, making the project much more complicated than it needed to be. By doing that, I was also subconsciously delaying the project, telling myself I couldn’t possibly start it before I had everything in place. This meant that I didn’t have to take the risk of looking silly, of my idea not working. I could harrumph every now and then, complain to myself about the lack of suitable software ‘out there’ as though it was someone else’s fault this project wasn’t happening. I was using it as an excuse to stay in my comfort zone.



Does any of this sound familiar? 

Is there a project you are putting off because you are waiting for the right ‘software’ (or whatever your equivalent is)?


Write down a list of all the things which need to be in place before you begin.

Where could you find them?

If you can’t do it that way, how else could you do it?

(And if you are stuck, imagine you were advising someone else how to get started.)

And is that all that is stopping you?


Step back and have a look at what is right in front of you - maybe the thing you need to get started is closer than you think!

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