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Take Five with Tine Bladbjerg

Tine Bladbjerg is a jeweller who works from her shop, A L'etage 2, in Crystal Palace, where she creates statement jewellery of great simplicity and elegance. I have known her work for a while and indeed, the beautiful gold pendant which I always wear and which gives me huge pleasure every day, is one of Tine's creations. Her imagination is coupled with a superb technical ability which results in exquisite pieces. Yes, I am a fan! Visit her website to see her work and find out where she will be showing and selling her work.

In your professional life, what is the single best thing about what you do?

In my professional life I would say that the single best thing is that I get to do what I love, which is creating the jewellery, for a big part of the time.

Do you have a creative hero / heroine and if so, why?

When I was younger my creative heroes were Andy Warhol and Pablo Picasso. I admired the way they seemed to have neverending ideas and were able to draw on the currents of their times. These days I admire artists and crafts people who can renew themselves but stay true to their gut feelings.

What piece of advice do you wish you had been given at the beginning of your career?

I don't really have anything I wish someone would have told me when I started. To be honest I probably wouldn't have listened. I went into business in 1996 just after college with very little idea of how to run a business but with lots for ideas for jewellery and a willingness and determination to try. I think if I had known more it might have been too scary to start.

If you hit a creative block, what is your top tip for getting through it?

I don't tend to get creative blocks but this is probably because I always have deadlines. Sometimes I don't have ideas for new designs but then I just make the orders or stock and then the ideas will usually come while I work.

And finally, for fun, if you were a shoe, what type of shoe would you be and why?

I am not sure what kind of shoe I am but if I had a choice I would like to be a black, high heeled leather boot. Like my jewellery the boot is simple and elegant and can be either quirky, sassy or classic depending how you dress it up.



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